Take your procurement team to new heights with training on procurement, leadership


Procurement Training

It includes topics on procurement leadership, financial analysis, strategic sourcing, effective communication, fact-based negotiations, the logic of solicitation documents, and more.  Select one of the packaged training or ask for a customized training on your selection of topics.  Review the Procurement Training page for list of topics and descriptions.


Leadership Training 

It includes topics on leadership principles, influence, growth, achieving goals, improving communication, and more.



Increase awareness, focus, and accountability for achieving goals by working with a coach. 


D.I.S.C. Assessments

Everyone is different! If you deal with people on a daily basis, consider D.I.S.C. Assessment for your team.  Learn the strengths of the people in your team and learn to effectively communicate with others by identifying their fears, strengths and overall style.  See your effectiveness improve as you implement simple strategies to enhance your style.



Procurement Consulting Services include, but are not limited to:

Procurement Operation Assessment and Recommendations

Procurement Transformation Plan and Implementation Assistance

Transformation Communication Plan

Procurement Leadership Coaching and Mentorship

Professional Development Plan

Procedures Manual

Strategic Sourcing

General and Complex Procurement Assistance



For procurement consulting and training services, please call  (312) 927-3490.