Procurement Workshops

1) Leading Effective Procurements[1]

Have you ever been the last person to know about that one “critical” project? And now you are holding it up to “come up to speed” on months of conversations and planning! Learn about the skills to turn the tables so that you become a sought-out partner at the beginning of the discussions.  We will touch on some of the laws of leadership and the skills that will help you get to the “valued partner” status in your organization. Participate in exercises and self-assess some of the traits that may be holding you back from achieving a key role in the organization.


2) The Logic of Effective Solicitations[2]

When the best intensions do not result in a desirable outcome, it’s time to reevaluate practices and the role of those involved.  This session focuses on effective procurement techniques to efficiently achieve the organization’s procurement goals, confidently defend your procurement each time, and become the sought out resident procurement expert.  We will review the key components of each basic procurement method, their purpose, the relationship to other key components, and the logic behind the development of procurement documents that produce a transparent process and get the desired results.


3) Positioning Procurement in a Game of Musical Chairs[3]

Securing your seat at the table may require more than an efficient process.  This session identifies areas that correlate to achieving a high performing organization. It also covers some of the leadership laws, growth principles, and traits that may be helpful in positioning procurement as a key member of the team in the organization. Participants will be engaged in hands on exercises, activities or demonstrations to aid in understanding leadership laws, mindset, and overall approach to procurement that help position the procurement organization or individual in a position of influence.   


4) Getting to Why: An Alternative to Numeric Scoring (1-½ hours) 

Have you ever had a firm receive the highest score, but thought a different team seemed stronger for the project? Maybe it’s time to add a new set of evaluations to your toolbox! In this hands-on workshop, discover a qualitative alternative for conducting evaluations, one that you can use to clearly and confidently articulate your reasoning for selecting the best team.


5)Show me the Money![4]  (1-½ hours)

Who reviews the financial statements that you requested in the proposal?  Reviewing financial statements should not make you break into a cold sweat. In this workshop, I discuss relevant parts of the financial statements.  Come prepared to participate in an exercise to help you understand the relevance of the financial analysis results to the project.   Talk about the vendor’s financial condition with confidence.


6) Market Research (One hour)

Review market research concepts and strategies. Categorize procurement to help focus effort where it is needed, and maximize your efforts. This will help breakdown the types of procurement to gain an understanding of where to add value and where to leverage the expertise of others in order to increase efficiencies.


7) A Model for Strategy, Analysis, and Decisions

Achieving goals and/or making progress towards achieving set goals require purposeful actions. In this workshop we will review a simple model to establish a framework for procurement strategies, analysis, and decisions. Participants will participate in some fun strategy and decision exercises.


8) Fact-Based Negotiations

Achieving win-win negotiations requires preparation. Learn how to prepare for negotiations based on quantification of facts and opportunities to achieve the best possible result for both parties.


9) Time Management (One hour)

Take your performance to the next as you practice prioritization techniques that will help you stay organized, accomplish tasks timely, and stay focused.  Learn to identify and minimize distractions that hijack your performance and keep you from maximizing your time.  


10) Borrowing LSS Concepts for Ongoing Improvements (One hour)

Increase efficiencies and systematically implement improvements by borrowing some of the principles of Lean Six Sigma. Bring awareness of your habits to determine if they contribute to inefficiencies and build a culture of continuous process improvement.


11) Driving Efficiencies: A Culture of Continuous Improvement[5]

A culture of continuous improvement is achievable.  Learn to maximize your time through focused intentional actions and strategies to simplify your processes and increase efficiencies.  This hands-on workshop takes you on a journey of self-awareness, organization, intentional actions, and tactics to maximize your time while increasing efficiencies.  Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and participate on group exercises.


12) Taking Communication to the Next Level (1 ½ hours)

Communicate to Connect! Our actions, tone and style communicate far more than our words.  Learn to identify with stakeholders to increase your ability to create and environment of teamwork, improve relationships, reduce conflict and get things done.  This interactive workshop covers connecting principles and practices.  Come prepared to practice!


13) The Communication Game [6](1-½ hours)

Communication and teamwork are two of the greatest competitive advantages in the marketplace today. Learn the importance of communication in the context of leadership, productivity, and efficiency.  Through this tool, participants will actively engage in situational conversations to bring up a higher level of awareness regarding communication, teamwork and principles of connecting. 


14) Influence… The Key to Leadership! (1 ½ to 2 hours)

Increase procurement’s impact in the organization by becoming a person of influence.  In this interactive workshop, you will be immersed in key leadership laws and traits that distinguish great leaders.  Learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others and watch your personal and organizational success improve. Position yourself in the organization as a leader and enjoy more collaborative relationships as you lead your end user through effective procurements while earning their respect to elevate your role in the organization. Come prepared to participate and enjoy the journey.


15) Leadership Game[7](1-½ hours)

Leadership increases our effectiveness in all aspects of our lives.  Engage in guided discussions to increase your awareness of leadership principles and situations that you may encounter on a daily basis. This is a fun and engaging way to experience and grow in your leadership journey.


16) Ready… Set … Lead (One hour)

Leadership skills are essential in almost every part of your life, especially work.  We will discuss some of the laws of leadership and how they can help you achieve your goals.  Interact with your peers in this dynamic workshop while you learn some of the principles of leadership, influence, and teamwork. 


17) The Superhero in You (One hour)

This is a keynote speech that talks about the leadership qualities that we see in superheroes and how they are in alignment with the profession’s core values. The practical application of those traits will help the procurement professional elevate his/her leadership skills and influence in an organization.  


18) Managing Supplier Communications (One hour)

Do you know when.. why… and what to communicate with suppliers?  There are many policies that may move you away from having not only having effective communication with vendors, but getting the most out of those interactions.  This workshop presents how your agency may obtain valuable market insight for your agency’s benefit without crossing the line.


19) Making your Green Policy Sustainable (One hour)

You have a green initiative, now what?  We will discuss a global view at the considerations that will impact your ability to support a green initiative and achieve the agency’s goals.  This is an interactive presentation where you will share your experience with procurement strategies and stakeholder buy-in process to make the green policy successful.


20) Customized Workshops and Training

I can also develop customized workshops or group coaching sessions on procurement and leadership topics to meet your organization's needs. Also, the time period for each session may be adjusted, as necessary to meet your requirements. 

[1]The session solicits participation from participants.  The hands-on exercises and discussion may add about ½ hour to the session. The number of exercises will depend on the time allotted.  The seminar can be up to two hours long.

[2]The session solicits participation from participants.  The hands-on exercises and discussion may add about ½ hour to the session. The seminar can be up to two hours long.

[3]This session combines Seminars 1 and 2 with additional demonstration/exercises.

[4]This workshop is a condensed version of the all-day NIGP class: Financial Analysis for Procurement Professionals.

[5]This workshop combines Seminars 7 and 8 adding group exercises.  A three-hour time segment is ideal for this workshop.

[6]The Communication Game can be combined with Seminar #10 for a ½ day workshop.

[7]The Leadership Game can be combined with Seminar #12 for a ½ day workshop.