Leadership Training & Growth Passports - You are worth the investment!

Leaders grow and those who don’t are left behind.  Whether you are in a leadership position or aspire to be a leader, growth is key to unlocking those opportunities.  Do you have a growth plan? Will you be ready when the opportunity that you desire arises? Embark on a growth and leadership development journey. You will stand out from the crowd as you learn about growth and leadership based on John C. Maxwell material.

The Ultimate Growth Passport: Learn about the laws of growth, improve your connections, learn how to improve your influence, and learn leadership traits that help you elevate your skills. This is a one-year program of weekly one-hour sessions.  You have the flexibility to join the live-teaching session and ask questions or listen to the recording later in the week when it is convenient for you. 

The Growth Primer Passport: A six-month growth passport with the option to upgrade.  Prime your career growth plan and prepare for your leadership journey.

A Taste of Growth Passport: A three-month growth passport with option to upgrade.  Test your commitment for growth and leadership development with this short-term passport.

How to sign up: 

Payable to: Maria de Lourdes Coss

Electronic Payment: www.PayPal.me/MariadeLourdesCoss

Questions: (312) 927-3490 or lourdes.coss1@gmail.com

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